What To Do In Tasmania


Follow me to Australia!

During my time in Australia last December, I spent a day in Tasmania, the island state off the southern coast of Australia. I was in the city of Hobart, and here is what I got up to.

A little about the city:

  • Hobart is Australia’s smallest capital city, and the entire island is 186 miles by 195 miles.
  • Before being discovered by Dutch explore Able Tasman in 1624, the island was inhabited by Aboriginal peoples. In 1804, Hobart became a British penal colony, and many of the oldest buildings were constructed out of sandstone by convicts.
  • Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world and the rainwater is so pure it is harvested and bottled.

What to do in Tasmania:

  • Pet Kangaroos 

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    A visit to Bonorong Conservation Park will not disappoint. This sanctuary is dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing injured and orphaned animals. Come visit with kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian Devils, koalas, and wombats. It was the best thing I did in all of Australia. The roos were super gentle and loved a good chest rub.

  • Try the Wine 

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    The first vineyard was planted in Tasmania in 1821 and the region has been winning awards ever since. I went to Puddleduck Winery, where the wine was alright, but the views were amazing. Meadowbank Estate came highly recommended though.

I also went to the historic city of Richmond. Here, I saw the oldest working bridge and oldest Roman Catholic church in Australia. While a cute little town, I’d recommend skipping it and spending time in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens instead.

Ultimately, Tasmania was pretty cool, but lacking in entertainment. The sweeping views were amazing, and I feel as though I had been transported to Scotland (especially while visiting Shene Farms, the only producer of triple-distilled whiskey Mackey). I can see why it is a great place for Australians to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney for a weekend. If you are spending a decent amount of time in Australia, pop over for a short stay and visit Bonorong – but if you aren’t already in Sydney, it is a long way to go.


What are your thoughts on Tasmania? Let us know below.



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