30 Day Challenge



My goals for the 30 days leading up to my birthday.

It is currently Saturday the 9th of June and I just finished my MBA yesterday. Well, technically, I still have one more final test next week and don’t get the $80,000 piece of paper until the 15th, but classes are done.

And, in addition to my first day post-MBA, today also marks 30 days until my 26th birthday. If you have been reading for the past few years, then you know that I love to celebrate my birthday with a challenge. For 24, I went skydiving, and for 25 I ran my first half-marathon. This year, I want to enter 26 and this very different phase of my life as the best version of myself. I am challenging myself to build good habits, and work on them little-by-little every day.

 Here are my five final goals for 25:

  1. Daily Yoga Practice: I’ve been practicing yoga for seven years total, and for the past two years, very consistently at multiple times a week. But I want to incorporate yoga into my everyday routine. I will start my mornings with 30 minutes of yoga on my brand new Yoloha yoga mat that my wonderful boyfriend Nick gave me as a graduation gift. As of now, I have been self-guiding, but am thinking about downloading an app, such as Amanda Bisk’s FreshBodyFitMind. If you have any other suggestions, write a comment below.
  2. Daily Meditation Practice: Nick also gifted me a year of Headspace for Christmas (he just gives the best gifts!), and while I’ve meditated for ~850 minutes thus far, I’ve been really inconsistent in using it during this last term of my MBA. After I finish my morning yoga, I will do 10 minutes of guided meditation. Today was day one of the 30-day Finding Focus pack.
  3. Daily Book Time: I love to read, but I haven’t finished many non-academic books lately (I do really recommend The Four by Scott Galloway though!). I want to get a chapter in every day. Currently, I’m reading Tara Westover’s Educated).
  4. Tech-Free Nights: I’m on my phone until the minute I go to sleep. But now that I don’t have four team projects going, I can pull away some. I want to be off my phone for at least 30-minutes before bed (what a great time to read a chapter of my book!).
  5. Daily Gratitude and Happiness Practice: Years ago, I started a daily gratitude journal after reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. Since, I have filled up many notebooks with a two simple sentences about what brought me happiness and gratitude from that day. It is an amazing way to end the day and puts me in a peaceful mood right before bed.

Bonus: I also want to write five days a week and cook/bake one new recipe a week.

I am looking at these habits to add a new sense of calm, allowing me to really savor and enjoy this moment in my life. One where I am saying goodbye to my first quarter century, 25 years that almost entirely involved being a student. I am so excited to say hello to 26 and hello the next phase of my life. Best foot: forward.


What are your goals for the next 30 days? Let us know below.



6 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. Jeanette

    You’ve got me thinking, Tess! I recently ran into someone I haven’t seen in 30 years – not since we graduated from an MBA program (sound familiar?!). When I told him I was recently retired, he issued me the challenge of “getting 10% healthier” in the coming year. I liked the percentage: small enough to be attainable, but large enough to be noticeable. My first thought was diet and exercise. I’m pretty good on the exercise front, but really need to make changes with my diet. Maybe application of goals similar to yours – daily yoga, more reading, etc. – makes sense. I need to do some soul-searching!

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  2. Sounds like a great goal to work toward! It is always so important no to choose something too lofty right at first. For me, this is manageable, especially when I get them done right away in the morning. Good luck with your soul searching. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. This post got me super motivated! You seem like you have a really great hold of yourself that I’d love to have too. I’m really interested in this gratitude journal idea- what type of notebook do you use for that/ how do you organize it??
    Also I love headspace but can’t tell if I truly will need it everytime-​ do you find yourself still relying on it after a bit or like you could do it on your own? Looking forward to more in the future!!

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  4. Hi Living with Love! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I use a journal (lined) from Shinola. It is a great company and they do free monogramming! I just write out the date and then have a bullet point for “Happiness” and “Gratitude” each. (https://www.shinola.com/journals/all/journals/medium-hard-linen.html#/color=Dark%20Purple). As for Headspace, I definitely use it each and every time! I still need the guided help, even as I am near 1000 minutes meditated. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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