My Next Chapter


IMG_0632Bend and beyond.

So this is a big time in my life. Let’s look at the numbers:

In 5 days I turn 26 years old and in 60 days I move to Sweden. And just under 30 days ago I finished my MBA program.

So, let me start there.

During my two years at the University of Oregon I learned the usual biz skills (management, finance, accounting, marketing, etc). But I also became a certified mediator, learned how build a sustainability-focused life, and launched a few fake companies. But nothing beats out the relationships I built during this time. Special thank you to my amazing support network that has seen me through the past two years. I could not have done this without the encouragement of my loved ones.


Presently, I’m living it up in Bend, Oregon with my boyfriend Nick. I am working on this blog, moving my body (hello hikes, paddle boarding, and aerial yoga), and baking some yummy sourdough bread. I’m also traveling to soak up time with loved ones and get my last taste of America. Look for trip reviews on Boise, Idaho and Orlando, Florida in the coming months.


I’m foregoing a summer job/internship to prepare for the next phase of my life – this international move! Come early September, my boyfriend Nick and I are heading to Sweden. And, of course, Clea my Cat is coming with. We will be in Malmö (30 minutes outside of Copenhagen, Denmark) and could not be more excited. 


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What are you most looking forward to? Let us know below.


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