Turning 26


My goals for the 26th year of my life.

As you read this, yesterday was my 26th birthday. But as I write this, I am living my last day as a 25-year-old, and I have to say, turning 26 sounds pretty weird. Because I just finished school and am taking the summer off before heading to Europe, I am feeling more like 22… except, I don’t want to be up past 11PM and “Netflix and Chill” is just that, Netflix and chilling on the couch.

But despite the fact that 26 doesn’t sounds right, it is correct. So, let’s dive into my goals for my 26th year of life.

  1. Seize the Moment – As I relocate to Europe this September, I want to make the most of every moment. The opportunities to see my family/friends, to travel, to meet new friends, try new things, and grow my relationship with Nick.
  2. Limit My Waste – I’ve been seriously striving to reduce my waste this past year and I want to keep diving deeper as 26. I’ve got a pretty strong ban on plastic going, but there is room to improve with packaging of online purchases and single use items in restaurant take away boxes.
  3. Dress to Impress – I love love love a causal style, but I think I often dress under what the occasion calls for. I’ve definitely done some good work to keep my fantasy self realistic, and I’ve spent time while 25 really defining my fashion sense. I’ve defined it as clean, comfortable, and classic. Now, to slowly invest in pieces that reflect that. [Take a peak at my fashion vision board here.]
  4. Master Chef – I want to spend time learning about foods from different countries. Nick and I plan to pick a new country each month and make a meal of their dishes. We recently chose Japan, and dined on karaage, agedashi tofu, and cucumber salad. It was delicious and a ton of fun.
  5. Unknown – I know there is more, but I’m not sure what it exactly is right now. Between kicking off a new career and moving to a new country, so much will happen that I cannot yet anticipate nor plan for. I’m leaving my final goal for 26 open, because I think we should always leave a little cozy, welcoming space available for what is to come.

26, let’s do this!


What are your goals for the year? Let us know below.


2 thoughts on “Turning 26

  1. Jeanette

    Hi Tess! Interesting to me that you think you underdress for events – I always think you look adorable and age-appropriate. But, also interesting to me that defining our fashion sense is happening to both of us at different stages in our lives. I recently retired. For work, I had a very well defined style – a cute dress and heels. It’s been a bit of a challenge to find my look for my new reality. Trying not to let comfort become simply messy or schlubby! It’s harder than I thought it would be!

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  2. Hi Jeannette! Well, thank you! That is interesting, but makes sense with the life changes we are both experiencing currently. I agree that comfort can easily become messy or schlubby (great word!). Let’s strive for better! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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