What To Do In Auckland


Follow me to New Zealand.

Well, unfortunately, I lost the entire text for this post. Not sure how, but it happened. So instead of rewriting everything, I am going to use my pictures from the trip to tell a visual story.

What to do in Auckland:

  1. Visit the Auckland Art GalleryIMG_8507IMG_8463IMG_8504
  2. Go to the top of the Sky Tower – The views are so rewarding and you can jump from the top!IMG_8533IMG_8567IMG_8535IMG_8595
  3. Walk the harbor and take a boat ride around the Harbor Bridge (another thing you can bungie jump off of!)IMG_8647IMG_8684IMG_8514
  4. Visit the penguins at the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium – Don’t forget to snap a silly picture!IMG_8740IMG_8707IMG_8770
  5. Visit the Parnell Rose GardensIMG_9744IMG_8791

Auckland was an amazing city, and I would love to go back. If you love adventure and thrills, but also big city attractions, Auckland is the place for you.


What do you like best about Auckland? Let us know below.

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