Summer Travel Basics


Everything you need in your suitcase come summer.

I love to travel, especially in the summer time. Honestly, the entire world is gorgeous in June. Last summer, I spent two weeks traveling with Nick visiting family throughout the US. Our travels took us to Orlando, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Portland. And we did it all with only a carry on each.

In fact, this is the third time I’ve traveled for over two weeks with just a carry on (once to Europe and once to Asia), and I am starting to feel pretty expert.

Here are my top travel essentials for summer trips.

  1. Light and Loose Tops IMG_1245 Whether you are in the humid South or the hot desert, a light linen top is a must. I love this one from Madewell.
  2. Coconut Oil – Use it as a face and body moisturizer, shaving cream, deep hair mask, or to cook with at your Airbnb. It is always worth having some on hand.
  3. Summer Dress IMG_0946The best thing to wear in the summer! Lightweight, airy, and packable. Dress it up or down with shoes and accessories. Easy peasy, right?
  4. Nippies/Bralettes When it is hot and humid, the last thing you want to be wearing is a padded (read: sweat absorbent) bra. Choose instead my favorite Nippies Skin, or go for a bralette if you need more support. I love Lively’s.
  5. A Day PackIMG_0632If you are going to be out and about exploring all day, bring along a backpack instead of a purse. Stash away a water bottle, your sunglasses, wallet, and maybe even a travel umbrella.
  6. Walking Shoes IMG_0671Double up the usages for the things you pack by thinking multi-functional. Find shoes that work for walking and exercising. Go with an all-black or all-white to be more streetwear than gym wear.
  7. Sunscreen – I’ve been loving my Shiseido sun screen for years. I’ve been through a handful of bottles and keep coming back. I’m on the hunt now for a non-plastic bottle option if you know of one!
  8. Coffee Mug IMG_3125Mmm, coffee. Keep your get up and go environmentally friendly with your own reusable mug. I love mine in “Fika” (because #Swedishthings) from Keep Cup.
  9. Extras IMG_0927Of course, you will want to bring things like sunnies, a hat, umbrella, bathing suit, etc, depending on where you are headed!
  10. A Good Attitude IMG_0834You are traveling and something is bound to go wrong. So the best thing you can bring is a make-the-most-of-it attitude. When all you can do is laugh or cry, choose to laugh.

Summer travel: check.


What are your summer travel essentials? Let us know below.


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