My New Blog

Meet Sweden and Me!

I’ve started a new blog and I want to introduce you to it. It’s called Sweden and Me and it is about – you guessed it – my life in Sweden.

I’ve been living in Sweden for two years now. In fact, my partner and I just celebrated our Swediversary on October 5th! Without a doubt, I have learned a lot along the way.

Sweden and Me has been an idea that I’ve been toying with for 1.5 years. But now, having lived in Sweden for two full years, I feel comfortable sharing my knowledge and putting my Swedish experience out there. So if you’ve been thinking of moving to Sweden yourself, want to better understand what Swedishness is all about, or if you are just curious what I’ve taken away from my time here, then this is the place for you. 

Let me answer a few questions you might have:

What can the reader get from the new blog?

Sweden and Me is a guide to all things Swedish from a non-Swedish perspective. I’ll break down Swedish culture in a way that makes sense and is interesting, and will share some of my personal experiences with the topics in each post.

Why a new blog? Why not just continue things on From Brown Eyes?

Well, I originally thought I was going to use this blog to share my Swedish experiences. I already have a few posts on here about Sweden that you can find by navigating to the “Breakdown” bar to the side and selecting “Life in Sweden” or “Living Internationally“.

But it wasn’t what I wanted. When I was conceptualizing Sweden and Me a year and a half ago, I imagined it as a fun, lighthearted, cute, and graphic site. And less focused on my particular experience and more focused on bringing knowledge of Swedishness to my readers.

From Brown Eyes is designed differently. From Brown Eyes is deeper, personal, and written to be more of a story of my life.

So I decided to create a second site just how I wanted it – with cute graphics, a funny and light hearted feel, and with freestanding essays written on individual topics of the Swedish culture.

Anything Else?

Have other questions about Sweden and Me? Perhaps I’ve already answered them here. Otherwise, ask away in the comments section below.

I hope you will give Sweden and Me a look and that you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!


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