Me and PD Part 2

The 14/14 year split of Parkinson’s Disease in my life.

2020 marks 14 years that my father has been diagnosed with PD – and this marks an interesting moment in my life, too.

Four years ago I wrote Me and PD to share with you 9 lessons I had learned through my father’s Parkinson’s Disease (PD) diagnosis. As I mention in that post, when my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, we were all diagnosed along with him. Myself, my brother, my mom, and others too. It is a disease that has changed all of our lives.

Just like a wrote then, I still see the large impact Parkinson’s Disease has on my life. PD has taught me patience and acceptance, and to seize the day and be grateful for what I have now, particularly my health.

But why is this year so big for me? Why not write about PD at year 15 of my dad’s diagnosis? Well, I was 14 when my dad was diagnosed with PD. I am now 28. That means that I have lived 14 years with a diagnosis and 14 years without. This is the moment in my life where the scales are even. And that is scary for me, because going forward I will have lived more years with PD in my life than without.

Unless we find a cure.

With a cure, the scales could tip back. But finding a cure relies on money that funds research. So my ask is that you consider donating to a Go Fund Me I created that directly benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation. So far we have already raised $2,300! But remember when I launched my first campaign three years ago? We raised $2,850 then! I would love to smash that number and hit $3,000.

Not only is this year being significant to me, it is also a special year for my parents. On the 30th of September they are celebrating their 30th anniversary! Needless to say, a cure would be the best gift ever.

So, perhaps you know me and would like to show some love by donating $14 for my 14/14 year split? Or perhaps you know my parents and would like to celebrate their anniversary with a $30 donation for their 30th on the 30th? Or perhaps you don’t know me or my family at all, but have been touched by Parkinson’s in your own way and want to do some small part today in finding a cure. Either way, thank you for making or considering a donation. It truly means the world to us.

A quick update – We raised a total of $2,780! Thank you all!


2 thoughts on “Me and PD Part 2

  1. Jeanette

    So, I am the mother of Tess, the author of this blog. I could not be more proud of my daughter who hatched the plan to fundraiser for the Michael J Fox Foundation to find a cure for PD to celebrate her parents’ 30th wedding anniversary! What an extraordinary gift. Tess is absolutely right about the ripple effect of diseases. While just one person may be afflicted with the disease, a whole host of people who love that person are impacted. My very best wishes to anyone struggling with disease and loss and heartache. And, thank you, Tess for this lovely post! ❤️

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  2. Hi mom! So glad you loved this gift idea and the post. And so nice to see all of the love and kindness in the world. To our friends and family that donate, thank you again!


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