2. Love Yourself First


If there is one thing that I don’t lack, it is confidence. I have always loved myself and I have always seen my worth.

Let’s take a step back to when I was asked to move out. It was a total surprise. A surprise to hear him say it and—I think—he was surprised he said it too. After some very open communication and a couple days space, he took it back. He said everything I wanted to hear and it was honest and sincere. And yet, we are broken up and I still moved out. Why you ask? Because I love myself more.

I didn’t want to break up, and now he was saying that he doesn’t want to either. What is a girl to do? Simple: love yourself first. He had his reasons for wanting to break up, and we needed to honor them. It would have been so easy to pretend like it didn’t happen and that nothing was said, but that isn’t me. I know my worth, and if after a 3 year relationship he wasn’t sure of it, then he had some exploring to do. I love him, but I love myself more. I want the best for myself, and that means being with someone who always wants to be with me.

All this talk about confidence and self-worth may come off as cocky. I am by no means perfect…please don’t think I am implying that. I know (some of) my flaws: I am judgmental, controlling, and easily stressed. I want to and am working on changing these. My life right now is a testament to that! I am 23, unemployed and living with my parents! Believe me, I don’t get to judge anyone. I can pretty much only control the times my cat is fed… And as for stress? I am currently trying to figure out my ENTIRE life, but I feel pretty relaxed. Writing this blog really helps. I am working on bettering myself.

There are some things about me that are extremely hard to handle, but they are the things that I love about myself: I don’t settle, I need to always be doing 3 things at once, and I love to talk. I always need something to work toward: a promotion, a higher education, etc. Enough is never enough for me. And I am that person that will be watching a movie and will be on my phone (not in a theater of course, I do have manners!) checking emails. I really believe in the importance of communication, so I might beat a horse dead getting my point across. But these traits make me the person that I am and have led me to my proudest life accomplishments. I wouldn’t change them for the world, or for anyone.

So here is the take away: love yourself first. If someone –your significant other, boss, parent—is telling you to change something about yourself, decide if it is something that you agree needs changing. If it does, then work for it. Each and every day. If it is something you love about yourself, then own it. Each and every day.


It might seem selfish to love yourself first, but sometimes it is the only thing you can do. Have you ever been in a situation like this? Did you love yourself first? Let us know below.


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