The Back Story


So, where to start? Have you ever had the feeling like you are just stuck on a hamster wheel, living the same day over and over again? Yeah, me too. My life needed a change. And here is why:

I killed it in high school. I played for my school’s soccer team, I took Advanced Placement classes, and I graduated with a 4.5 GPA.

I wasted no time in applying to colleges. After choosing to attend University of California, Davis, I moved up to Sacramento, CA at 18 years old. I killed it in college.


I had an internship at the UCDavis Center for Neuroscience my freshman year, and then worked full time my sophomore and junior years. I was taking 18 units a quarter (average is 15), and was working 32 hours a week in a retail management position with Target. I graduated from UCD in 3 years with a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Development.


I walked the stage on a Saturday and started my salary-pay, 50-hour workweek retail management position on a Monday.


I killed my job. I worked hard and gained responsibility quickly. I busted my butt for two years at the Executive level.

And then I realized something, I wasn’t killin’ life…life was killing me. Sounds dramatic, but you know what I mean. There I was, 23 and passionless. So I did something crazy. I quit my job and moved back in with my parents (thank you M+D for letting me!). I decided to take a step back. This blog is a result of that. I hope you enjoy reading it!


Would you ever up and quit your job? Let me know!

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