Creating a Community

IMG_0849Why I want you to get involved.

FromBrownEyes is a massive source of joy for me. Having the ability to candidly share my perspective with you all has been so rewarding thanks to your encouragement.

It is extremely scary to put your thoughts, fears, and emotions so vulnerably on display to the world. As I wrote here, I did not think anyone aside from those who already cared deeply for me would read, let alone follow, my blog. Since I began with a very unreserved and raw first post I felt compelled to continue writing that way. Within the first month of starting FromBrownEyes I had received so much encouragement from my readers that being open on this very public forum lost the majority of its fear factor.

What touches me most is when my readers respond to me personally. Whether through personal messages to my email ( or messages through my Facebook page, a surprising number of my readers reach out to me post-script.

Your replies make FromBrownEyes what it is because they encourage me to continue writing, and often I am able to draw inspiration from your words for future posts. Your messages encourage me on my journey to happiness. When you share your similar struggles or perspectives, they validate mine, letting me know that I am not alone. On the same wavelength, your contradictory thoughts allow me to challenge my preconceptions, forcing me out of my box to take on other perspectives. Feeling so connected to my readers brings me so much happiness, so thank you for taking the time to write to me.

FromBrownEyes was originally meant to be a safe place for me to share my perspective. As it continues to develop, I encourage you to make it your safe place as well. My hope is that FromBrownEyes can be a place where you can openly comment and share your experiences without fear or judgment.

With readers in over 30 countries, we all have such different backgrounds and with it, so many varying experiences and perspectives. There is so much to teach and learn from each other, if we only take the time to share our stories.

By opening myself up, so much good has come into my life. I have developed strong friendships with people who were previously only distant acquaintances. I have also met so many happy, humble, and all around amazing people. But most importantly, I have been able to fully embrace myself, own my character. Unabashedly telling the world, “I am Tess Meyer. Take it or leave it, but I am going to be me either way.”

With that, I encourage you to do the same. To give me and other readers insights into who you are, where you have come from, and most importantly, where you are going. Let’s create a community were we can encourage each other on our own journeys. To do this, we must be open. We must be willing to accept varying perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. So please, get involved. Comment, like, and interact with me and other readers on this page, in this space. There is no right or wrong answer for this thing we call life, so let’s try to navigate this unknown territory together.


Let start by sharing something simple. Comment below with the location of your hometown and where you reside now. Who knows, if we only take the time to ask, we might learn that we have originated, or ended up, right at the same place.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Community

  1. McCall Falkenstein

    I grew up in Pilot Hill as a kid, but always went to Auburn for everything. I’ve since moved half a dozen times and lived in and all around Auburn, and now I’m back in Pilot Hill.


  2. Hey McCall! Funny how we end up right back in the same place some times! I grew up in LA, moved all throughout Davis, Sacramento, and Roseville, worked in Auburn and now have ended up back at my childhood home in LA. Can’t wait to see where life takes us next. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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