Valentine’s Day 2016


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some ways you can celebrate this Hallmark holiday.

People typically think that Valentine’s Day is about being with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. I think Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to the people and things you care about most.

Here are my suggestions:

Show your significant other some love:


This is, of course, the most traditional way to celebrate the holiday. So go picnic at Santa Monica Beach, dance in New Orleans, or take a helicopter tour of NYC. Or just stay in and watch a movie. Bonus points if you fill out a pack of V-day cards (the type you would bring to school when we were kids) and leave then around the house for your S.O. to find months down the road. Show your love in a way that makes you both happy.

Show your family some love:

P!nk Concert with my mom on Feb 16, 2013!

Buy your mom flowers, cook dinner for your family, or treat your parents to a date night. They have been there for you your entire life, so give ’em some lovin’ too.

Show your friends some love:


Valentine’s Day is the prefect reason for a girls’ or boys’ night! Host a wine & paint night, watch a movie, or celebrate being single and hit the bars with your best buds. This is how I will be celebrating! I am flying up to Sacramento to hang with my best friend and fellow single lady (sing it, Beyonce). Jessie and I are going to see “How To Be Single” on opening night and then apply what we learn in the movie for a night on the town. Meow.

Show you pets some love:

My dog Stella

Speaking of meow, don’t forget about your fur babies. Hit up the dog park and try out a new hiking trail. For my cat Clea, I’ll mix in some wet food with her normal dry and take some time to give her a good brushing. She’ll love it.

Show a cause some love:


A great way to show your love is through a cause that is close to your heart. Donate to lung cancer research, give blood, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. For me, Parkinson’s Disease is my cause of choice. I spent 9 months doing medical research for the disease while in college, and have spend 9 years loving and supporting my dad who is living with the disease (in all honesty, I have spent 23 years loving him). When I found out that one of his support groups would be participating in the 3rd Annual Valentine’s Day 5K/10K Run in Long Beach, I felt really inspired. You can easily participate in your own love run by creating your own team, benefiting the cause of your choice. If you want to see which runs are being hosted in your city in the U.S., check out Running in the USA.

Show nature some love:


Fund the planting of a new tree at your local elementary school, plant some things in your own garden, or visit an arboretum. If you are in Portland, Oregon, don’t try going to the Japanese Garden right now, it is closed. Learned that one the hard way…

Show yourself some love:

Treat yourself with a day of all of your favorite things. Paint, read, practice the violin, golf…if you love it, then do it. Show your body some love too: sleep in and pamper yourself! Put on a face mask, get your nails down, or finally take the time to get your hair cut. Spend the day getting a little exercise (maybe try a spin, TRX, or cross fit class for the first time) and nourishing your body with healthy food. And don’t forget to serve it in a crystal bowl, because you are fabulous and it is Valentine’s Day.


However you decided to spend your Valentine’s Day (maybe you will be making that money at work!), just remember to show some love to the people or things that matter most to you. Honestly, maybe we should treat every day like Valentine’s Day? Have fun spreading that love.


How will you show your love this February 14th? Let me know below.



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