Valentine’s Day 2017




Happy Love Day!

If you saw this post, you know that I have been feeling a little out of touch with myself lately. So for this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show myself some love.

Here are 5 ways to love yourself first.

  1. Find an hour of me time. IMG_4431Self-care can be one of the hardest things to make time for, but it is definitely the most important. Whether you are carving out time in your day to read a book, play video games, or watch The OA on Netflix, the important part is that you are doing something purely for your happiness. Being completely transparent, sometimes an hour of me time looks a lot like cleaning my apartment, because it makes me happy to cross things off my to do list. No shame in my self-care game.
  2. Be with people who love you too.IMG_3012If your love tank has been running near empty, then surround yourself with people who can fill it up. And even if your love tank has been filled to capacity, surrounding yourself with people who love you is never a bad thing! Having not been home in LA since July, I am feeling very due for a visit.
  3. Plan something to look forward to. IMG_3420If you are a forward-thinker like me, nothing is better than having something to look forward to. So buy yourself concert tickets, plan a girls’ night next weekend, or book that trip to Chicago. I am going to register for a the Eugene Color Vibe 5K in April.
  4. Take a step to achieve your goals. img_7582New Year’s was only a month ago, so start achieving your resolutions! Looking at mine, I said that I was going to meditate, travel, backpack, write, and not waste time. This week, I want to focus on travel. Not only does it fulfill this goal and my New Year’s Resolution, if I book a trip home, my love tank will soon be gassed up again and it give me something to look forward to. Three types of love for the price of one airline ticket!
  5. Take something off your plate. IMG_6092I’m notorious for being a yes girl, so recently I have put a lot of focus on limiting my obligations. I realized that I was applying for summer internships, working part time, starting a club, being a social butterfly, running this blog, helping with MBA recruiting, and earning my MBA all at the same time. And that is just naming a few things on my plate! But it was all good stuff! People were seeking me out and asking specifically for my help. But this was definitely a case of too much good stuff. So finally, I stopped stretching myself so thin and started saying “no.” And, damn it felt good. This month I have truly realized that I am my best self when I focus on the things that really matter to me.

I hope these tips help you be your own valentine this year. If you don’t do any of these tips, at the very least buy yourself a big bouquet of flowers, because you deserve it.


If you want to see my post from last Valentine’s Day, click here.


How are you going to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day? Let us know below.


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