Make Monday Great Again

Five ways to take back Monday.


Monday. The dreaded day. The start of work and the end of fun.

Honestly, I never really minded Monday. It was just kind of like any other day for me and that was great. How did I come to this mentality, you ask? Two words: retail employee.

I did not have a typical Monday-Friday 9 to 5 schedule. I had a retail schedule that was ever-rotating. One day I came in at 6AM and the next day at 2PM. I worked one weekend, but not the next. And I hated it…but I never hated Mondays.

So, now that school and work are back in full swing, I find myself joining the masses and hating Monday. And that just is not fair to Monday! It isn’t Monday’s fault that we chose to make that day the start of the workweek.

Join my campaign to Make Monday Great Again.

  1. Make it rewarding. Who doesn’t love a reward? As humans we are really condition-able, so train yourself to look forward to Mondays. Maybe Monday is the day that you treat yourself to a morning coffee and pastry. Maybe it means movie night with your S.O. Maybe you try a new happy hour spot out. Maybe you visit the library and check out a new book for the week. The key here is to make it specific to Monday. This is something that you wouldn’t do any other day of the week (since I have Cocktail Challenge on Wednesdays, I wouldn’t do Happy Hour Monday for instance). I personally like the idea of making Monday be the day you grab coffee or bring in donuts for your coworkers. By doing something in the morning, get your reward at the start of the day.
  2.  Make it easy. We have just come off a weekend of staying up too late, eating out, and sleeping in. Make Monday a little easier on yourself by doing a little prep on Sunday. Maybe this means laying your clothing out, pre-packing your lunch, or going to bed at a decent hour. Maybe this means doing laundry and running a load of dishes before bed (nothing makes Monday worse than having to scramble to find clean underwear). I like to have my school stuff (homework and snacks) packed up and ready by the door.
  3. Make it fresh. Framing is key, so train yourself to look at Mondays in a new light. It is a fresh week full of cool opportunities. Inspire yourself to try something new. Maybe you can combine this tip with #1 and try a new bakery each Monday morning or a new lunch spot with a coworkers. Or maybe it is as simple as starting the morning with a new scent in your diffuser or coffee in your machine. Framing Monday as something new, fresh and positive will help you wake up with the right attitude and allow you to carry it through your whole week.
  4. Make it productive. No, you can’t call in sick. So if you have to be at work anyways, why not make it a really productive day? Start your morning with a to-do list (or better yet, make one on Friday as you are leaving the office so you don’t forget anything over the weekend). Once your list is ready, categorize it with easy, medium, and hard to complete tasks. Complete that first easy task to get that “I’m being productive!” boost and your juices flowing. Then move right into your hardest task. It might take an hour, it might take all day, but at least you will know that you have already accomplished your biggest chore of the week and it is only Monday – score!
  5. Make it easy to get out of bed. I used to live in sunny Southern California and now I live in Oregon. Needless to say, it is much colder, rainy, and gloomier here so it is much more tempting to stay in bed longer. I like to make it easy to get out of bed by having a cozy robe waiting for me in a reachable distance. Maybe you would like to have slippers at the foot of your bed or the promise of a hot shower. Another idea is to put your alarm out of arm’s length. That way, if you want to turn off the buzzing, you have to get out of bed – and once you are up, hopefully you stay that way.


I hope these “make it” tips help you make Monday great again!


How do you make Monday great again? Let us know.


3 thoughts on “Make Monday Great Again

  1. jeanette

    Nope, didn’t work! But, I very much appreciate your cheerful tips and readily admit that it’s my own poor attitude these days that is making me feel mad at poor Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

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