July Favorites 2017


The best of all the months!

I have to admit, July has always been one of my favorite months because of my birthday. But this July was exceptionally great and I am sad to see it pass.

  1. Apple Watch IMG_1613 This has been one of the things I have most enjoyed using this month
  2. Younger IMG_1933This TV Land show, available on Hulu, has been my favorite thing to relax with at night. The under 30-minute episodes are perfect to eat dinner with without giving up your whole night. Adorable and relatable, I have very much enjoyed the first two seasons of this!
  3. Long Weekends IMG_1783 With my summer internship for the City of Pasadena in Southern California, I am on a 9/80 work schedule (I work 80 hours over the course of 9 days), meaning I get every other Friday off! I took advantage of my three-day weekend this month by flying to Salt Lake City, UT and spending quality time with my family.
  4. Cocktail Challenge IMG_1695Since moving back to Los Angeles for the summer, I have been able to join back in on the Cocktail Challenge! You can read all about it here, but it is basically my family’s excuse to go out for dinner and drinks on a Wednesday night. It has been so nice
  5. Supporters IMG_5727I ran my first half-marathon this month and use the 13.1 miles as a platform for Parkinson’s Disease fundraising. I was able to raise $2,825 with the support of friends, family, and colleagues. To those that donated, thank you so much! Being supported by the people in your life is the best feeling in the world.

Well, there you have it, my five favorites from my favorite month of the year.


What are your favorites from July? Let us know below.


2 thoughts on “July Favorites 2017

  1. jeanette

    My July favorites? Celebrating my birthday on the 1st of the month sets up the entire remaining 30 days for fun. Big bonus: seeing my girl turn into a wonderful woman! xoxoxo Tess!

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