35 Reasons


35 for 35.

Last week I talked about my Triple P metaphor and said that I found my Triple P in my boyfriend Nick. Today, I want to introduce you to him a little better.

In honor of his upcoming 35th birthday, here are 35 reasons I love him.

  1. We are a team IMG_9351
  2. He is incredibly patient and loving
  3. My family adores him, and he them IMG_3118
  4. He is always up for a new adventure
  5. He makes a mean loaf of sourdough IMG_9437
  6. He pulls over on our roadtrips to watch the sun set or rise
  7. He is young at heart IMG_9941
  8. He respects and appreciates me, and knows we are lucky to have each other
  9. He makes cooking fun IMG_0333
  10. He is kind, thoughtful, and loves to provide for those that matter most
  11. He loves being outside as much as I do IMG_9206
  12. He is curious and interested
  13. He has some strong single-dimple adorableness IMG_0163
  14. We like sharing “firsts” together, like snowshoeing
  15. He loves handstands on mountain topsIMG_0276
  16. He shares all aspects of his life with me and always makes me feel included
  17. We push each other IMG_0484
  18. He is creative and rational, spontaneous and steady
  19. He brings home fresh flowers every week, and leaves love cranes around the house IMG_9409
  20. He makes every season fun (rain or shine)
  21. He is brave DSC00551
  22. He has an amazing memory
  23. He laughs when we get caught unprepared in the snow IMG_1105
  24. He keeps his car and our home clean
  25. He loves Clea  Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 10.03.33 AM
  26. He loves trying new things with me
  27. He will jump through hoops for us IMG_1425
  28. He introduces me to Japanese culture
  29. He is there for all of my moments, big and small IMG_2874
  30. His love for his family
  31. He said yes to my dream to move to Scandinavia IMG_1357
  32. His emotional openness and honesty with me
  33. We are 100% in sync IMG_9398
  34. His sense of style and design aesthetic
  35. He is always, without a doubt, on my side IMG_6745

Happy birthday, Nick! You are one of a kind.







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