What To Do In Sydney


Follow me to Australia!

Similar to my post on Auckland, NZ, I lost the entire text for this post. Not sure how, but it happened. So instead of rewriting everything, I am going to use my pictures from the trip to tell a visual story.

What to do in Sydney:

  1. Visit the Sydney Tower EyeIMG_8651IMG_7285IMG_7284
  2. Visit the Sydney Opera House – This is some truly beautiful Danish design.IMG_7146IMG_7135IMG_7138IMG_7064IMG_7144
  3. Visit the Queen Victoria Building – A chance to do some shopping in the most stunning mall I’ve ever seen. IMG_7421IMG_7417IMG_7423IMG_7414
  4. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens – A pretty walk on a cooler day. There is also a train that you can ride for 30-minutes around the length of the garden. Also, be sure to grab a flat white at the Garden Cafe. IMG_7371IMG_7356
  5. Dig into some great food. Sydney does breakfast especially right.IMG_7408IMG_7241
  6. Visit Saint Mary’s CathedralIMG_7962IMG_7290IMG_7289IMG_7965
  7. Check out Bondi BeachIMG_7931IMG_7254IMG_7256
  8. Visit the Museum of Contemporary ArtIMG_7981IMG_7343IMG_7868
  9. Take the ferry to Manly Beach IMG_7851IMG_7172
  10. Visit Forgotten Song – This art installation comprises of empty birdcages strung within an alley. IMG_7215
  11. Check out Sydney harbour and the Harbour BridgeIMG_8122IMG_7056

loved Sydney. It is one of my all time favorite cities, and I could definitely see myself taking advantage of that one-year visa they offer. Sydney is a highly fashionable city (people are still dressed to the nines even while at the beach) and is a highly fit city (everyone was out running with me!). But I was surprised by both the high amount of smokers I saw, and the low amount of homeless. Overall, the city has great energy and I would start saving your pennies to make it down under ASAP.


What are your thoughts on Sydney? Let us know below.

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