2018 Resolutions Recap


Did I hit my 2018 New Year’s Eve resolutions? Let’s dig in.

I’m all about accountability, and this blog is a perfect accountability platform. With the new year right around the corner, I wanted to look back at my resolutions from 2018.

As a refresher, here they are:

  1. Live Abroad 
  2. Unsupported Headstand
  3. Generate Less Waste
  4. Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon
  5. Give Something Up

Now let’s dive in.

  1. Live Abroad IMG_1711 CHECK. Holla! Nick and I moved to Sweden in October of 2018 and will be here for at least the next two years. We have been loving our European adventure. Read all about this part of my life by navigating to the Life in Sweden category.
  2. Unsupported Headstand Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 10.01.27 AMCHECK. I can confidently get into a completely unsupported headstand and hold it for over two minutes. Such a great goal to have worked toward. If you are going to pursue this as well, just be sure to take extra good care of your neck, or opt for a handstand.
  3. Generate Less Waste IMG_1657 CHECK. While living in Oregon, Nick and I lived about 75% plastic-free. Things are a little different in Sweden (where are the bulk bins and non-packaged greens and veggies?!), but the recycling is top notch. I have especially been loving Lush’s zero waste products.
  4. Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon IMG_0508CHECK. My second half-marathon resulted in a 1h57m finish time! Couldn’t have done it without Nick running by my side and Pilar cheering us on.
  5. Give Something Up IMG_4318WORK IN PROGRESS. I am trying to give up managing others’ emotions. So much of my time in this world has been spent walking on egg shells – always trying to play it nice, put others first, and ensure harmony. But in the process, I have often put in a lot of emotional labor into managing others’ emotions. I find myself asking questions like, “How will my partner/friend/family take this information?” and “What will this employee think when I change this process?” and noting “It isn’t worth bringing up because it will cause conflict.” Well, each of those questions are directed toward other people and not at myself. And all I can control is myself and my emotions, so why have I spent so much time trying to manage other’s? I still want to move through this world in a considerate way, but I am working on reseting my expectations of how much I should truly be responsible for.

Overall it was a successful resolution year! Looking at 2019, I have something big planned resolution wise, so be sure to come back next Wednesday to see the announcement. You can subscribe on the right!


Were you accountable to your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know below.


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